Tarot & Oracle Reading Service 

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I am an experienced Tarot and Oracle reader; I connect with my Spirit Guides, Angels and my Ancestors to receive more detailed answers to your questions. I use my intuition to make sure I am as clear as possible, but also kind and emphatic at the same time. I am warm, compassionate, no judgemental and friendly. I am a sensitive person and I respond and understand immediately someone's energy. I am also a Reiki healing Master Practitioner.

I use Spanish Tarot, Moon Oracle cards, Angels Oracle Cards, Love Messages cards, Messages from the Universe Cards, Mediumship Cards, and my own love messages cards.

I give advice regarding love, relationship, soul mates, twin flame, money, career and family matters; I do not give advice regarding health and court cases.

I will always tell you the truth, even if sometimes it might be difficult to accept.

To book a reading please send an email or call/text; the contact details are at the top of this page.


30 min Tarot and Oracle reading: £35

60 min Tarot and Oracle reading: £60

Payment method: paypal.me/reikizone

Please remember - NOTHING IS SET IN STONE! - Things do change all the time.

Please use your own judgement when making decision!

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