Massage and Reiki


We are a Massage Therapist (Mario Sarigu) and a Reiki Master Teacher (Mary Porcu), and we would like to share with you the amazing benefit of a Massage and Reiki treatment, at the same time. Mario is a qualified Massage Therapist, Yoga and Pilates Teacher with many years of experience in the following:

- Holistic Massage

- Remedial Massage

- Trigger Point Therapy

- Lymphatic Drainage Massage

- Indian Head Massage

- Tui-Na Massage

- Thai foot/body

- Neuroskeletal Realignment

- Postural Bodywork

- Relaxing and Therapeutic Massage

- Deep Tissue Massage

- UK Yoga Teaching and International Yoga Workshop

- UK Pilates teaching

You can view my story (Mary's) in the following page.

Out treatment is tailored to suit your needs, you can request a specific massage method ie:, Deep Tissue Massage or Trigger Point Massage or you can simply describe any issues you are experiencing, such as neck pain or back pain, and allow Mario to create an optimum treatment plan that will address your needs. While Mario is giving you the massage, I make sure that your energy is flowing freely with hand-on Reiki.

For more information about Massage, please contact Mario at 07789775300 or visit his Facebook page @

For more information about Reiki or to book a Reiki/Massage appointment, please find my details at the top and at the bottom of this page.


"I loved it! I arrived at the venue for the treatment, a bit stressed and within few minutes I was completely relaxed. I would really like to have the treatment again!

Highly recommended". Thank you."

Annina G. - London

"Great Massage! I learned how to use my mind and use of inhale and exhale to control the pain and prevent spasm. Recommended!"

Jenny - London

"I felt relaxed and calm, in a beautiful environment. I am completely trusting of both Mary and Mario. The experience was amazing! it was exactly what I needed after recently having a baby and suffering for many years with my back. My massage and chat with Mario has really helped me to think about how I go about my day to day activities and be more aware of how I do things, I was free of pain after my massage and felt like I could move more freely. The Reiki left me feeling calm, happy and very relaxed. I would like to have the treatment again! Thank you both."

Leanne S. - London

"I have been enjoying different kind of massages quite regularly in the past few years but I have  never experienced something so powerful and healing like the treatment I got from Mary and Mario. I would highly recommend to let your body and spirit enjoy the warmth and energy of their experienced hands."

Novella Nicotera. - London