Some Testimonials...

Mary's treatment is very powerful! As I am a curious person, I always try my hardest to stay awake during the session, so I could see what happens in my body, but it is not an easy task. Between the relaxing music and Mary's warm healing hands, you fight off sleep within minutes. Mary is very perceptive and attentive and she can really feel what happens during the session, which she discusses with you at the end of the treatment. I find that I really have to follow her advise about drinking a lot of water after the treatment, which I now do and I find it helps with clearing out the system. Mary's Reiki treatments have helped me out a lot and I would highly recommend her.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      
Olga Antonini, founder of - London

I had a series of reiki sessions with Mary when I was feeling extremely depleted and exhasted. Through her support and guidance I felt more rested and clear about action I needed to take to restore a sense of balance in my life. Mary was always welcoming, attentive to detail and very warm and caring. Highly recommended!                                       

Ceri Buckmaster - London

I was a little skeptical about Reiki as I've tried it once before and didn't feel anything or notice any changes. However, I came across Mary when I was feeling particurarly unwell and thought I have nothing to lose. Well, I can only rave about her! The session feels quite incredible and Mary is clearly a natural healer and I feel very confortable having her treat me. After four sessions I am feeling so much more like my old self. I would highly recommend her!

Stuart Kidd - London

I have been doing reiki now for 3 months and I can see the benefits long term. I can see the changes in my mood, I fell definitively more relaxed and I have I learned how to deal with things in a completely new more positive way; example I have had a very stressful situation at work and having reiki on a weekly basis, had helped me a lot to face the challenges with a positive attitude. I highly recommend it.

A. G. - London

Absolutely Recommended! Loved my reiki sessions with Mary, not only did I feel so light and lifted of all negative energy but also had  a great night sleeps after my sessions. Mary is a great healer and she communicates so well with you after and before the treatment. It's a no brainer, would definitely recommend her!

Trudi - London